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Other names: Finasteride, Alopec, Alopros, Alsteride, Ambulase, Andofin, Androfin, Andropel

Analogs: Proscar, Finpecia, Dutas, Propecia

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Product Description

The base ingredient of Finast is finasteride. Finasteride acts as an inhibitor to an intracellular enzyme that inhibits the conversion of testosterone to dihydrotestosterone (DHT).

Drug Information

Finast is used in the therapy of hair loss in men. DHT decrease the dimension of the hair follicles in the scalp. This results in smaller and thinner hairs being produced. This hair production happeningually stops resulting in baldness. Finast aid to lower the production of DHT in the body.

Finast particularly aid with the symptoms of male pattern baldness. It decrease hair loss and stimulate hair growth in men.

Report your doctor to learn more the benefits that this tablets can provide you.


Always abide the instructions that your doctor has provided you with. Not consume other doses of Finast than were instructed.

consume this tablets orally.

The general recommended dosage for Finast is 5 mg. It should be taken once per day. You can consume this tablets with or without a meal.

If you forgot to consume your dose, consume it immediately you remember. If your next scheduled dose is before long, skip the missed dose. Not consume two doses at the same time.

In the happening of an overdose, report your local emergency medical services.

Side Effects

The more common side effects experienced with Finast are:

– Changes in skin temperature
– Cold sweats
– Disorientation
– Lightheadedness, especially when standing up after being in a seated position
– Decrease in libido

The less common symptoms experienced with this tablets are:

– Puffiness in the face and limbs
– Increase in dimension of breasts and soreness
– Irritation of skin
– Inflammation of skin
– Changes in weight
– Unusual feelings in the limbs
– Engorgement of face
– Lethargy
– Cold-like symptoms

If you feeling any of these side effects, Report your doctor immediately.


– This tablets should not be taken by women or kids. Finast can be absorbed by the skin. It should not be handled by women or kids.

– This tablets can cause birth flaw in kids. In the happening a pregnant woman comes in Report with this tablets, she should wash her hands thoroughly, immediately.

– Not consume this tablets if you have experienced an allergic reaction to finasteride or durasteride.

– Not consume Finast if you have a history of diseases regarding your bladder, liver, or kidneys.

– report your doctor if you have any problem with your ability to urinate.

– This tablets make increase the likelihood of you developing prostate cancer. Not consume this tablets if you have prostate cancer.

– Finast can affect the results of tests done to detect the presence of prostate cancer. report your doctor and lab technician that were prescribed with this tablets before the tests are performed.

– report your doctor if you notice any changes occurring in the physiology or the functionality of your breasts. This can be a symptom of breast cancer.

– report your doctor if you notice any physical or functional changes in your genitals.

– report your doctor of any tabletss you can have been prescribed. same inform your doctor of any herbal supplements or over the counter tabletss that you can be taking.