Unisom (Doxylamine)

Generic Name: Doxylamine (dox-IL-a-meen)

Brand Names:  Medi-Sleep, Unisom

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Product Description

Unisom belongs to the type of drugs that are known as antihistamines. The main, active constituent of Unisom is doxylamine.


Unisom used to cure individuals who are experiencing difficulties with falling asleep. This sleep drugs works by depressing certain neurotransmitters in the central nervous system. The two main neurotransmitters that are targeted are histamine and acetylcholine. It is thought that the acetylcholine plays a role in regulating the sleep patterns of the body. It is also pending to be responsible for wakefulness. When the actions of these two neurotransmitters are inhibited, the body have a feeling of drowsiness. Unisom also helps individuals to fall asleep faster and with greater ease.

There may be other uses for this sleep drugs. Contact a healthcare attendant to discover if Unisom has any other benefits.


There can be many bad reactions if the recipe made by a medical expert is not adhered to. Unisom should be taken in the amounts that has been suggested to you by a doctor.
Unisom is to be consumed by mouth.
For individuals who are of the age 12 and older, the dosage that is typically recommended is 25 mg of Unisom. This dose should be taken a half an hour before going to sleep.
This sleep aid should only be taken one time a day. Do not consume more than one dose of Unisom at the same time.
If you have unintentionally taken a larger amount of Unisom than you need, you should contact a nearby medical facility. You may be in danger of an overdose.

Side Effects

When taking Unisom, there may be some unintended adverse effects that may be experienced. This is a list of the more side effects that may appear when consuming Unisom:

Feeling lightheaded


Inability to complete bowel movements

Problems with digestion

Problems with vision

Inability to coordinate movements

Dryness experienced in throat, mouth, or nasal cavity
There are also certain dangerous adverse reactions that may take place when taking Unisom:
Unusual bruising on body

Excessive bleeding

Erratic heartbeat

You should contact a doctor in the event that you experience any of these side effects while under the impact of Unisom.


It is uncertain if Unisom can cause any birth defects among fetuses. If you are pregnant and have been prescribed Unisom, talk to a healthcare expert about the negative result it may have.
It has been found that this sleep aid can be transferred to infants through breast milk. It is important to refrain from using this sleep aid if you are breastfeeding your child.
Do not take Unisom if you know that you are allergic to any of the ingredients in this medication.
There are drugs that may cause unintended effects when taken together. If you are using Unisom, you should not be taking sodium oxybate. There should also be at least a two week interval between taking either a MAO inhibitor or furazolidone and Unisom.
The consumption of alcohol while on Unisom can lead to an increase in side effects such as drowsiness.